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Salman Khan's Jodhpur court room appearance to be released as a film

30, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

Jodhpur. So enamored have been filmmakers by Salman Khan’s yesterday’s court appearance in illegal arms case, that they have decided to take footage of the hearing from the court and release it as a film.

Arguing that not only will the film be a 300 crore blockbuster, the filmmakers feel that this time Salman would also be able to sweep all critics off their feet.

“He hasn’t acted this well in any of his films so far. You should have seen the emotion with which he mouthed that awesome dialogue ‘I am both Hindu and Muslim’ when asked about his religion nationality,” said an overjoyed producer cum director Sajid Nadiadwala.

Salman in full tashan even while going to court.
Salman in full tashan even while going to court.

“If released as a film, I am sure he will create a record by winning 2 Best actor national awards for a single film,” Sajid claimed.

If sources are to be believed, the lady judge upon hearing Salman’s response had tears in her eyes and decided to acquit Salman of all charges, before realizing this wasn’t a film shoot.

However filmmakers claim that not just emotion, the appearance also had comic and action moments, making it a complete masala entertainer.

“You should have seen the way judge ROFLed after Salman claimed that he was innocent,” Salman’s brother cum Malaika Arora Khan’s husband Arbaaz told Faking News.

“And not to forget the way he shoved off mikes and cameras of media persons when asked for comment. Action in those scenes was unparalleled,” he revealed.

Sources claim that Salman even went into the preachy mode a`la his Bigg Boss hosting style, when he reprimanded other convicts in the case and ripped them apart for wrongdoing.

To make it a complete film, film makers are also trying to have one more lead character in the film

“We are also in talks with makers of Damini to purchase rights of Sunny Deol’s character in the film. We will edit it and show it in such a way so as to make it look like that he is fighting the case for Salman Khan in Jodhpur court,” Sajid disclosed.