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Salman to pay distributors 55 crore to compensate for Tubelight's losses, Sohail and Arbaz worried about their pocket money

11, Jul 2017 By @jurnoleast

After Tubleight’s failure at the BO, actor Salman Khan has decided to be a lifeguard for all those distributors who were drowning in the losses. Sources say that Bhai has announced a compensation of 55 crores for the distributors.

Many distributors have welcomed this move. However this has not gone down well with Sohail and Arbaz who feel that the compensation will eat into their monthly pocket money.

A source close to the development spoke to our reporter and said, “The money has to come from somewhere. We believe Salman will be tapping into his own resources and this has got his brothers worried. Particularly Sohail who was not paid anything for Tubelight.”

“The decision for compensation was taken in a close door meeting between family members. Amidst heated arguments Sohail and Arbaz staged a walk out when their protests fell on deaf ears. But Salman was firm oh his decision,” the source added.

Sohail’s close friend Bobby Bhandari, who has on many occasions paid for Sohail’s expenses, contradicted media reports on this issue. “The issue is being blown out of proportion. To say that Sohail bhai survives entirely on Salman’s earning is totally unfair. Sohail is a celeb in his own right. Besides, he has invested money in bank FD’s and mutual funds too. There is no need for Salman to pay for his pocket money,” he said.

There were media reports that the two brothers will team up and start a restaurant in a bid to look at alternate revenue source. But the news has not been confirmed yet by the two actors.

Friends and co-stars from Bollywood have also extended their support and the brothers are hoping that it will help them tide over their financial woes till the situation gets better.