Salman rejects biopic on Arnab’s life, says it will take years to learn driving car on road

23, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Republic TV founder and editor Arnab Goswami alleged he was attacked by Youth Congress workers on his way back from his studio in Mumbai. Just after hours of the attack, Salman Khan was offered to play the role of Arnab in his biopic.


The main event in the biopic will be of the incident that happened today where Salman would have to drive his car on road. But as soon as Salman learned about this requirement, he immediately turned down the opportunity to star in the biopic.

Salman spoke to the Faking News and said “All these years I have been driving on the footpath, can you imagine the level of preparation I need to drive on the roads. It will take me years and years. I have to let go of so many movies to do this one. That is not possible. Hence I recommend that someone like Akshay or Ranbir should do the role. My blessings are with them”

The Faking News is keeping track on where the script is headed now and which leading man will portray Arnab in his biopic.