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Salman to shoot Race 4, 5 and 6 in one go to make most of Govt’s fuel price cut

05, Oct 2018 By @jurnoleast

In an effort to make most of Maharashtra Govt’s fuel price cut, Bollywood actor Salman Khan announced that he’d be shooting the next three installment of his Race franchise in one go.


The price cut has brought relief to the makers of the movie who had almost shelved Race 4 owing to petrol prices touching 90 in Mumbai.

“You never know when the prices may rise again. Our movie involves a lot of cars and racing and very little acting. Most of our budget is spent on fuel. So this move by Govt has reduced the cost by 50%,” said Producer of the movie.

When questioned as to how they plan to complete the movie production before the prices rise again, he said, “Scripting usually takes the maximum time while making a movie. But since this is a Salman movie, there are no scripts. He will just show up at the movie studio and do some random scenes. Will throw in a few dance steps by Katrina and few race scenes. That’s it! The movie is done.”

Apparently, Salman too is very eager to commence the shoot after Race 3 ‘success’. “There are many Bollywood star kids who are currently out of work. They all want Race franchise to do for them what Race 3 did for Bobby Deol,” said a source.

Meanhwhile, Spokesperson for the ruling party Mr. Sambit Patra went all out praising the achievements of his Govt. He said that by cutting fuel prices PM has also given rozgaar to star kids.

“This should be a slap on the face of those who say Govt is doing nothing for unemployment,” he said while speaking in a debate on Republic TV.