Salman starrer Inshallah postponed indefinitely after director Bhansali insists on having a script for the movie

27, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

Salman Khan and Aalia Bhatt starrer Inshallah, which was scheduled for Eid 2020, has been postponed indefinitely. Sources say that ‘creative differences’ between director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and actor Salman Khan has led to the deadlock.

Salman bhansali

Apparently, Bhansali wanted a script for the movie which Salman wasn’t very keen about. “Everyone knows how bhai feels about script. His scriptwriter was laid off in 2005 and since then none of his movies have had any script or for that matter any storyline. Yet they managed to set the cash registers ringing,” said a source close to the actor.

Salman wanted Bhansali to tone down the colors in the movie as he thought it would appear too gaudy on the screen. The director however put his foot down and wanted every possible color one could imagine to be part of the movie.

“Color experts from Hollywood were consulted to get the desired effect. Bhansali will never compromise on colors,” a crew member revealed.

Producers of the movie are trying their best to broker peace between the actor and director, but that at the moment seems a long shot.