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Salman takes ill after a producer accidentally sends him movie script, actor may quit Bigg Boss

12, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

Host of popular reality show Bigg Boss, Salman Khan will no longer be part of the reality TV show. The actor has taken ill after a movie producer accidentally sent him a movie script. The incident happened last week when a budding movie producer wanted to cast the actor for his first bollywood project.


The producer however committed the cardinal sin of sending a movie script to Salman Khan. Sources close to the actor say that the moment he saw the script, Salman complained of uneasiness and was immediately taken to the hospital.

Brother Sohail Khan, spoke to our reporter and said, “Bhai is fine now but doctor has advised him rest for couple of weeks. You now he is allergic to scripts. So he will take some time to recover.”

Insiders say that the actor will not be hosting the show and someone else might be roped in to take the stage. Farah Khan’s name has been doing the rounds but there was no confirmation from the show producers on this.

There is also a possibility that the show may be wound up before the finale as no one watches it anyway.