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Salman to hire one of his fans from Twitter as lawyer for criminal cases against him

10, Oct 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Salmaniacs (as Salman Khan fans like to call themselves) on Twitter could now finally land themselves a job that pays.

Upset with the way his court cases have been progressing, Salman has decided to sack his entire legal team and replace them with his fans from Twitter.

Salman has been mighty impressed with the way his fans go to any extent, especially on Twitter, to defend him and justify his actions on Bigg Boss and elsewhere.

“These people seem to value Salman more than they value their own family or even their precious time,” Salman’s bodyguard Shera told Faking News.

Salman wondering how much faltu time his fans seem to have.
Salman wondering how much faltu time his fans seem to have.

“Salman was moved and had tears in his eyes to see them so vociferously stand for him even during odd hours at night. Even his lawyers, who are being paid in crores, don’t care so much about bhai’s honor, pride, garv, and respect,” Shera continued.

As part of his lawyer appointment process, Salman Khan has decided to be biased when dealing with Bigg Boss participants.

After that, he will be closely following his twitter feed, and will short-list those who he thinks can best defend him in Supreme Court.

Faking News spoke to some Salmaniacs who were delighted with the announcement, but were worried at the same time as to who will defend Salman on Twitter if they were to take his offer of being his lawyer.

“It’s like a dream come true.  There is nothing better than getting paid for something that you simply love doing,” said a 24 year old 2nd year B.Com student with twitter handle @SallutardNo1.

“But at the same time I am not doing this for money. It’s my passion. And I believe in the saying that one should not make it a profession what he loves as that takes the charm out of it and affects his performance,” he added.

Meanwhile reacting to the development, prosecution has decided to hire SRK fans on Twitter as lawyers.

“Though Shahrukh is not even remotely related to any of the criminal cases with Salman as accused, his fans on Twitter jump and seize every opportunity to attack Salman where he is on receiving end,” said a High Court official.

But Salman is not worried. The way his fans drag SRK into everything, he is even confident that his fans would not only get him acquitted, but also be able to somehow prove his arch rival’s hand behind all the crimes he is alleged to have committed.