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Salman to shoot his next movie in Sundarbans forest; tigers and other endangered species rush to get life insurance plans

18, Feb 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: Leading Bollywood movie director and dancing evangelist Prabhu Deva made an exciting announcement yesterday evening at a celebrity event.

He announced that he would soon start shooting for his upcoming film “Wanted One More Time” which would be a sequel to his 2009 superhit blockbuster movie “Wanted”.

Hmm…achha hai, jaanwar dar ke maare side rahenge aur shooting mein jyada problem nahi aayegi

According to sources, the female-lead for the movie has not been decided yet but top-notch Bollywood actor and professional hunter Salman Khan will reprise his role in the movie and all the action sequences will be exclusively shot in the Sundarbans forest.

While Salman fans all over India are extremely excited by this news, a wave of gloom and terror has reigned across all the animal communities in Sundarbans.

Mr. Sukesh Ghildayal, who is the divisional forest officer of Sundarbans (east-zone) confirmed the reports of fear and restlessness among animals.

Speaking to Faking News he said – We have been monitoring many different packs of tigers for past few months, since their numbers are always in international limelight. And we are reporting reduced sightings in open during daytime and clear expressions of fear are being observed on their faces when captured from distant cameras. Other species such as Estuarine Crocodile, Fishing Cat, Common otter, Water Monitor lizard and Olive Ridley turtles are also approaching forest psychiatrists and counselors citing lack of sleep and occasional nightmares. Fear of being hunted-down and getting extinct is giving them sleepless nights.

When asked to comment on number of animals who have reportedly sought life and accidental insurance for themselves and their families, Mr. Ghildayal provided further information.

We know that several insurance companies have been individually approached by different animal communities for life and accident insurance. Like wild-buffalo community has approached Max Bupa and tigers & leopards communities are considering LIC, but we as forest management and protectors have to think of all species and follow our own protocols. We are infact in talks with ICICI Lombard to purchase a combined group insurance for all animal species in the Sundarbans. This combined package will insure them against hunting, natural disasters and food poisoning. Equity-linked option will help them to earn a healthy dividend every 3 years. Fine print is that deaths due to predator attacks will not be covered in this package since they are frequent and including them will make our insurance premium payouts higher,Mr. Ghildayal told Faking News.