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Salman's Race 4 scrapped after movie budget skyrockets due to fuel price hike, citizens thank Govt

03, Sep 2018 By @jurnoleast

Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s next installment of Race franchise could possibly be scrapped after fuel price hike has made it nonviable for the movie producers.


“Our movie involves lot of cars and racing. And with fuel prices touching the sky it would mean that the budget too would increase. We won’t make any profit even after reaching 100 crores,” said Ramesh Taurani, producer of the movie.

Citizens however heaved a collective sigh of relief and some even appreciated the Govt’s move to increase petrol prices.

News Anchor Faye D’Souza who has all along criticized the price hike, in a rare display, accepted that there is indeed something positive to look forward to. “If the news of the scrapping is true. I believe the common man of this country has a reason to see a silver lining. I say let the petrol price touch 100 per litre and let’s lay to rest the Race franchise permanently,” she said.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, who just recently resumed work, while briefing the media said, “Our Govt is always at the forefront of public welfare. This was a calculated move which was the brainchild of PM Modi. I hope future price hikes wont be met with unnecessary overreaction.”

Opposition parties thought otherwise and Congress Party blamed the ruling Govt for taking employment away from youngsters like Salman Khan. “They promised us jobs. Lekin kya mila iss desh ke logon ko. Salman bhai ki naukri chheen li. Iss desh ka musalman kabhi surakshit nahi reh sakta,” he said while speaking to his supporters.