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Sanjay Dutt mistakenly returns to Yerwada Jail thinking he was on Parole

28, Feb 2016 By Gaurav Mittal

Pune: In a strange incident today Sanjay Dutt, who was released from Yerwada jail on February 25 returned to jail by mistake.  He forgot that he was released permanently after completing his prison term following his conviction under the Arms act . He thought he was on Parole and his parole duration was over.

Sanjay Dutt
Police stopping Sanjay Dutt from returning to Yerwada

On reaching Yerwada jail, he started suspecting that something is wrong because he did not find any media at the jail entrance requesting last minute selfies with him. He contacted jail superintendent who reminded him that he was not out on parole but was released permanently.

On learning that Sanjay Dutt has come back to Yerwada jail, media rushed to Yerwada jail and started questioning him. On being asked what he is doing here Sanjay said, “I have been out of this jail on so many paroles and I was so used to leaving and returning to this place that  I thought I was out on parole and have to return.  I forgot that I don’t need more paroles”

Sanjay Dutt’s doctor confirmed later in the day that Sanjay’s memory is all good and he is not suffering from any problem. This was just a case of normal human behavior. “Just like we always return home in the evening after doing work at office, Sanjay also returned to jail as he was habitual of this on account of numerous paroles”, his doctor explained.

Yerwada jail superintendent, Yashwant Chate said, “Sanjay was always a visitor here and never a prisoner. Today also he just visited us. I don’t know what the issue is.”

Mahesh Bhatt who claims to have understood life said, “Celebrities always do things differently and are very impulsive. Even if they are serving the jail sentence they are not expected to serve the sentence like normal people will do. Hence, Sanjay served it differently by taking breaks during his imprisonment. This was just a continuation of his good behaviour.”

Meanwhile, Sanjay’s friend and filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani described the event as “Chemical locha in Sanjay’s mind”