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Sanjay Dutt’s residence named Yerawada Jail Extension, will complete sentence there

19, Feb 2014 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai. Famous Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt’s house will be declared an extension of Yerawada jail, Pune. The move will help him complete his jail sentence without additional paroles.

This was announced by Maharashtra government today that the Bandra residence of Dutt will be considered a prison for all practical purposes and will be known as “Yerawada Extension” from now on.

Sanjay Dutt
The actor is reportedly happy with the move

Sanjay Dutt, who takes breaks from his paroles to spend some time at the Yerawada Jail, is currently serving the remaining 42 months of his sentence after his conviction in the 1993 Mumbai serial blasts case.

A Faking News Source in Maharashtra government speaking on the condition of anonymity told us, “Man, daily nonsense of our opponents, why parole, why is Sanjay Dutt not in prison, why don’t other prisoners get parole so frequently, and so on! So we decided to make his house a prison. We will be putting a board ‘Yerawada Extension’ outside his home.”

However the government has justified the decision and has claimed that it was a constitutional step, and it didn’t give Sanjay Dutt any special treatment.

“Please note that this is not any house arrest,” Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan clarified, “House arrest is for political prisoners, and we are not treating Sanjay Dutt as any political leader. We are treating him as ordinary criminal, who must spend time in jail, which is now available at Pali Hill, Bandra.”

The CM said that the relocation of jail was done for administrative reasons.

“Now that we have brought the prison to Dutt’s house, he will not require parole any more. It will save the administration a lot of paper work as well; we will be saving a lot of time and money of the government by this move,” Mr. Chavan explained.

“It will be like any other prison; we will deploy a few policemen outside Dutt’s house. Only difference being that this security will not be to keep people inside but to keep directors of films like Policegiri, Chatur Singh 2 Star, etc. outside so that he doesn’t do any more of those films,” he went on to add.

Long time Sanjay Dutt supporter, Justice Katju too came out of his hibernation to support as well as criticize this decision of the Maharashtra government.

“While I do appreciate the sentiments of the government, I have a problem with the name being used. Looking at Mr Dutt’s career and particularly his Munna Bhai films, his house should have been renamed ‘Sabarmati Ashram Extension’,” Katju said.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports suggest that Salman Khan has requested that Galaxy Apartments should be renamed to “Jodhpur Jail Extension”.