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Sasural Simar Ka to air on National Geographic instead of Colors after Simar turns into a fly

16, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Long running supernatural family drama soap opera Sasural Simar Ka has been moved from Colors TV to National Geographic channel. This step has been taken by the producers after the lead character, Simar, turns into a fly.

Simar tried to fly away from the show by turning into a housefly

Lead character Simar has been turned into a housefly by an angry guru whose meditation as disturbed by Simar.

“Well, we got tons of fan mail us how can we have a fly as the lead character on a saas-bahu show. They appreciated the innovation but didn’t see how it will fit into the regular programming on Colors. Therefore we started thinking about alternatives. We considered returning Simar to her human form immediately but then the writers told us that they were planning to use this fly story for the next tweo years so we were stuck”, said one of the producers of the show.

“That is when one of our spot boys suggested that we better shift the show to National Geographic since they are more into animals and insects. We spoke to their representatives and they were thrilled to have one of most popular TV shows on their channel. They get a popular show, we get a perfect platform, it is a win-win situation for everyone”, the producer added.

When we asked the producer whether they have copied this idea from the film Makkhi, he shot back and said, “This is a baseless allegation. In the film Makkhi, a person died and his soul entered a fly while on our show, the lead actress has been cursed and turned into a fly. How is this even remotely similar? These are motivated allegations by others who are jealous of our success.”

Meanwhile, producers have confirmed that the show will return to its original slot on Colors once Simar turns back into a human, an event expected to happen after 400 more episodes.