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Seeing her partying post separation with Hrithik, Khap hold Sussanne responsible

20, Dec 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Immediately after news reports of Sussanne Roshan partying post her separation with Hrithik Roshan surfaced, Khap leaders have swung into action and have declared her responsible for the split with her husband.

Even though Hrithik Roshan seems to have given a clean chit to his now ex-wife for whatever happened, Khaps have declared that Hrithik’s decision was taken under pressure because men have been under siege for a few weeks in India.

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan
She is to be blamed, whoever she is: Khap

“We decided to keep an eye over these predatory women ever since Tarun Tejpal’s case to light,” said Boochar Tau, a Khap leader.

Sources tell Faking News that Khap leaders had contacted Alyque Padamsee, with whom they were very impressed after he defended Tejpal on TV, and had asked him to study Sussanne’s behavior and submit a report to them.

While Sussanne has come under heavy criticism by the Khap leaders, Roshans too have been blamed for this mess.

“They should have chosen a girl from their own caste, but not from the same gotra,” Boohar Tau found fault with Hrithik’s parents.

They also blamed the western culture for spoiling the lifestyles. “Men of Hrithik’s age and women of Sussanne’s age are grandparents in our village, leaving them absolutely no time to even think about divorce and things like that,” Tau explained.

Despite Hrithik’s disinterest, Khaps are hell bent to give justice to their boy from neighboring state of Punjab and have thus ordered Alyque to get in touch with Tejpal’s lawyer, who left Khaps mighty impressed with his argument of Journalist in Tehelka not being a victim as she had partied and behaved normally after the reported sexual assault.

Khaps have also demanded alimony from Sussanne for Hrithik.

“The boy must not have got anything in dowry. We’ll make sure he gets at least something in alimony,” Boochar Tau promised.

Khaps have furthered given clean a chit to Arjun Rampal for his alleged affair with Sussanne Roshan, which is being cited as the reason for her break up with Hrithik. They have pointed towards provocative dresses Sussanne Roshan has worn over the years as the reason of what may have attracted the boy from Haryana towards her.