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Seeing stardom of cute puppies on internet, movie producer decides to replace film stars with puppies

16, Jun 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Taking a cue from the popularity of puppies on social networking and photo sharing websites, Gyani Chopra, a Bollywood film producer has decided to replace film stars with puppies in his upcoming movie – Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali.

Gyani has even finalized the puppy for the male lead role. “There is a puppy named Bruno. He is the great grandson of the dog who worked in the superhit movie Teri Meherbaniyan,” disclosed Mr Chopra.

Bruni, lead actress of Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali.

However, Gyani Chopra denied that Bruno was selected just because he belonged to a star family.

“Few days back I came across Bruno’s pic on Facebook and you can’t believe, it had more likes and shares than the pic of the hero of my earlier film. Bruno is here because of his talent,” Gyani claimed.

Close aides of the Gayni say that his decision has a lot to do with observed online behavior of people towards puppies.

“They are rockstars of the internet, along with cats. The sweetness and innocence in their eyes are out of the world, no hero and heroine could ever match that,” said Anuj, a close aide of the producer.

He also revealed that Gyani Chopra once performed a test by uploading his own pic as DP (display picture) on Facebook, and after a few days he uploaded a pic of puppy as his DP. “Pic of the puppy got more likes than his own pic, which was an eye opener for Gyani sir,” Anuj revealed.

A press release by the production house says that unlike the last dog centric movie Roadside Romeo, Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali is not an animation film. “It is a realistic movie. Roles of hero, heroine, and villain, all will be played by real puppies. It is a love story of a street puppy Bruno and a rich female puppy Bruni,” the director informed.

Film business experts believe that Gayni Chopra’s decision is going to start a new trend in Bollywood.

“Since looks are the central, and sometimes the only criterion, for casting, these puppies are the best options. And not to mention, much cheaper than actors who charge in crores. Even if we consider acting skills, there are lakhs of videos on YouTube, where you can see how good actor a puppy could be,” a film expert told Faking News.

“The movie is going to be a bigger hit than any produced by likes of Dharma Productions or Rajshri Productions. And in theater, instead of whistle blows and cat calls, we can expect lot of awwwssss and cho chweett sounds,” the expert claimed.