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Sena relents, will allow SRK movie to be shown till interval

09, Feb 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. In a clear sign of tensions easing out, Shiv Sena has declared that it will not disturb the screening of Shahrukh Khan’s new movie My Name Is Khan (MNIK) till the intermission time, and theatres across Maharashtra were free to release and run the movie for that duration. Party leader Uddhav Thackeray declared it in a press conference today, putting the ball in the court of MNIK team.

“We have been listening to the statements by Shahrukh Khan since he has come back to Mumbai. He has tried to address a part of our concerns but still a lot needs to be explained, and he must come out clean on this issue. It’s a job half done by him, hence we have decided to do our bit and allow half of the movie to be released and screened.” Uddhav said, terming it as a step forward.

Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming movie has raised some vital issues for our democracy
Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming movie has raised some vital issues for our democracy

Party now expects the MNIK team, especially Shahrukh Khan, to reciprocate voluntarily if they wanted the full movie to be released without any problems. Uddhav warned that in case there was no positive response from the movie producers, Shiv Sainiks will not allow the post-intermission movie to be screened.

“Our workers will buy tickets and would be sitting silently till interval, after which they will throw spicy popcorns and Coke bottles at people who would come back to see the movie. Our workers would also keep hockey sticks handy, because we care for the nation.” Uddhav said, clarifying that hockey sticks were being kept after watching the Phir Dil Ko Hockey Ko promos.

No member of MNIK team has yet responded to the announcement by the Shiv Sena, but many news channels quickly termed the statement as gundagardi (hooliganism) and a symbol weakening strength of the party, for the party must insist upon no screening of the movie and death threats to the MNIK team.

Also, some experts have wondered why Uddhav Thackeray chose to mention only Coke bottles among all the soft drink brands during the press conference.

“I see a corporate hand in the whole matter. Pepsi has been able to sign exclusive deals with most of the multiplexes and we don’t get to see enough Coke while watching movies. Furthermore, SRK is the brand ambassador of Pepsi. The use of Coke bottles makes me believe that this whole controversy is some marketing gimmick.” said Boman Bottlewala, an industry analyst.