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Sequel for Sachin’s biopic planned, it will only contain footage of Sachin promoting the 1st movie

02, Jun 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Sachin: A Billion Dreams didn’t only succeed in tracing Tendulkar’s cricketing career but also managed to bring forth his much guarded personal life. Interviews of this legendary cricketer and from those who remained close to him during his days of struggle gave the docu-drama a personal touch and came up as a treat for this cricket-obsessed nation. Now a sequel has been planned for the same. Its interesting to know that the sequel will only contain the footage of Sachin promoting his movie, as that has taken up substantial part of his post cricket life.


Producer Ravi Bhagchandka is in the process of finalizing the script. He has collected all videos of Sachin promoting his movie, right from him meeting the PM, to inviting the Indian Cricket team for the premiere. Sachin did all things possible for the promotions. He in fact skipped being in the Rajya Sabha, family functions and also skipped some Mumbai Indian matches, so that he can be part of every promotional event.

There were rumors that Sachin will come out of retirement and play few matches so that those clips can also be added to the sequel, but Sachin has denied those rumors and assured all fans that there is enough material to plan a sequel. The movie will start from the day Sachin retired from cricket and directly land up to the part where he announced his movie and started promoting it. There are videos where Sachin is seen tweeting and reminding people to watch his movie, personally giving tickets to celebrities for them to be part of this amazing movie, visiting malls and multiplexes to gain audience buzz and lot more.

In fact the only part for which the producer doesn’t have any video is the part where Sachin promotes his movie in the Rajya Sabha, the resaon being that Sachin has not attended Rajya Sabha since ages.

But whatever videos the producer has, it is bound to bring the goosebumps again among the viewers.