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Sequel to the Revenant movie will feature DiCaprio leaving home to work, in Bangalore

19, Mar 2016 By manithan

Bangalore: Alejandro Innaritu, who directed The Revenant, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, has planned to extend the movie into a series. And the great news is, the sequel to the movie will be based out of India.

A dedicated DiCaprio has already started doing his homework for his role in Revenant-2
A dedicated DiCaprio has already started doing his homework for his role in Revenant-2

Alejandro was in the city today scouting locations for the second part of Revenant.

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, the Academy award winning director said, “While finishing The Revenant, I was totally convinced that this is going to be a single part film. I had already worked on Death trilogy and thought of stopping to direct anymore sequels. Before receiving the award this year, I was vacationing in India. It was just to take some break from my backbreaking labour. I traveled to many holy places here and met many great seers. Even during those times, my brain was as blank as that of the audience which watched my Birdman.”

“But one day, I came to Bangalore city. I was sitting in a Uber cab and was going through the reviews for my movie. My hotel was just few miles away from the airport and so I thought I would watch few trailers of some upcoming movies in my tab. After watching some 50 plus trailers, I grew irritated. I tapped the driver and asked him of pending distance. I was shocked when he said that we had moved just 50 meters in an hour,” said the director of Babel in an annoyed tone.

“I was like ‘Hey, Glass in my movie traveled more miles just by crawling in an hour’. The thought then struck me – ‘Why not make another part of Revenant with Leo in this city?’ Before we could move another 100 m, I wrote a 60-page script for this Revenant – 2. Before reaching the hotel, I had booked Leo for this second part too,” added Ajeandro.

When asked about the plot, he said, “Leo and Hardy both work at an IT company here. To impress their boss and to have dinner with one hot girl in their project, they would be competing with each other to reach their office earlier. Their fights, betrayals, Leo eating a live chicken in pathway due to hunger, Hardy having hard time drinking in MG road, their fight for space in Silk Road and an unexpected shirtless bike rider (Anil Kapoor) ramming into Leo’s bike delaying his journey time are going to be some epic scenes in this movie. Hoping to meet you again with the Revenant-2 released here.”

Meanwhile, a Kannada film critic tweeted, ‘Alejandro must release the movie in Kannada too. Just shift stress to end of his film title, Revenant – 2 => Revenandu. #Revenant2.’