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Serial sex pest becomes a monk after watching Madhur Bhandarkar’s Calendar Girls

25, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Monty Sharma, a self-confessed sex pest has apparently become a monk after watching Madhur Bhandarkar’s Calendar Girls.

Madhur Bhandarkar celebrating the unexpected success of Calendar Girls
Madhur Bhandarkar celebrating the unexpected success of Calendar Girls

Faking News reporter sought to find out what triggered the transformation and spoke to Monty Sharma to explain as to why he chose to become a monk.

“After watching Calendar Girls, I had this uneasy feeling about who I was. That feeling was not because my conscience was hurt after watching the movie. But because the movie was so horribly made, that it had a very deep impact on my psyche. I decided not to be associated with a world where such movies are made,” said Monty with his eyes closed, trying to enter transcendental meditation state.

Monty’s renunciation got a lot of media attention, even more than what Calendar Girls could garner. The movie which managed to get ratings in decimal points is now getting good business.

If sources are to be believed, Monty’s case is not an isolated one. Many sex offenders are choosing the path of reformation after watching the movie.

Government has taken a note of this and as per official government sources, efforts are on to screen the movie at Tihar jail in a bid to reform undertrials.

The unexpected side effect of Calendar Girls has given hope to many women in Delhi, who are at the receiving end of sexual offences. “When I read about this in the newspaper, I was relieved. I don’t carry pepper spray anymore, they are passé. I carry clips of Calendar Girls in my smartphones and whenever I feel threatened, I just flash the clip at the offender and trust me, it works everytime,” said Neha Setia, a media professional.

Meanwhile, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, who watched the movie first day first show, congratulated Madhur Bhandarkar on the unexpected success of his movie. “Saw Calendar Girls. Brilliant acting by the cast,” tweeted Mr. Kejriwal, as he called a meeting of AAP leaders to get Madhur Bhandarkar on board to make Delhi safe for ‘beautiful women’.