Sexperts request govt to ban Koffee with Karan as people are getting all sex related doubts cleared on the show instead of visiting them

28, Feb 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. The Kofee with Karan show is fast becoming a sex chat show which people generally have on Whatsapp with each other. I mean so much money spent on sets and all celebrities, they could have just discussed it among themselves in their Whatsapp group.


The humongous outrage to the Pandya-KL Rahul episode was largely directed at Hardik’s reprehensible answers that covered a wide spectrum of offensive – slimy to salacious, misogynistic to highly inappropriate. The very cultured cricketer admitted to checking out women on Instagram and revealed that since he’s a little from the “black side”. But most of the episodes are turning out to be nothing more than ‘Let’s know who had sex with whom’ show.

Karan Johar is the new sexpert in the town and millions of people in India are reaching out to the show to know more about ‘Sex’ which generally they don’t discuss among themselves. This has impacted the real Sexperts in the industry who have stopped getting clients. There was a time when the ‘Sex education’ industry was flourishing, but just like Karan Johar killed the career of many talented struggling actors by constantly giving work to Star kids, he is also killing the careers of the sexperts.

Sexperts in India have requested the government to put a ban on the show or open up new avenues for them. We are still to hear from the government on the issue but will convey it to the readers as soon we lay our hands on it.