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Shahrukh Khan to change movie title from Fan to AC to fight against rising temperature

07, Apr 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Mumbai: In exclusive details accessed by Faking News, Shahrukh Khan is all set to change the name of his movie from Fan to AC to fight against the rising temperature.

How big an 'AC' are you of Shahrukh Khan
Move over Fan, it’s AC now

His upcoming movie Fan is releasing on 15th April and is eagerly anticipated by his fans who would lap up anything that has his name on it.

We spoke to a close associate cum stunt man cum acting double Stammerukh for more details, “Well Shahrukh bhai mistakenly stepped outside his air-conditioned room last Sunday to watch Sallu Bhai’s movie on TV and was shocked by the hot wind and the high temperature all around. He immediately thought about his loving and caring fans cum fanatic worshiper and how difficult it would be for them to stand in the scorching sun for hours to buy tickets for the 1st day 1st show and later move around town crying praises for the movie.”

“So now instead of ‘Fan dekhne ja rahe hain‘ or ‘Fan ke naam pe sab kurban’ it would be ‘AC dekhne ja rahe hain‘ or ‘AC ke naam pe sab kurban‘ which makes everything so much cooler and sounds infinitely more purposeful,” he added.

“Also with the words AC on everyone’s mouth mind and thoughts it would be a moral protest against rising temperature like that of one changing his DP to protest against the Terror attacks. The only drawback would be that people won’t be able to deliver the dialogue, ‘Hum Fan ke Fan ho gaye‘ as the one with the AC doesnt sound too good,” said Stammerukh with a chuckle.

This move though is being protested against by some people who said, “With the title being fan we were assured of low priced tickets of around Rs 400 as after all Fan ka kharcha kam hota hai but now with it being AC one would charge around RS 1000 as after all AC ke lie zayada dena padega, which is very unfair.”