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Shahrukh planning to enter Wankhede without make up for Sachin’s last match

12, Nov 2013 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. A highly placed source of Faking News has revealed that Shah Rukh Khan could indeed end up watching Sachin Tendulkar’s match at Wankhede despite being banned by MCA for 5 years in 2012 after being involved in a brawl at stadium.

Not to be confused with AK Hangal.
Not to be confused with AK Hangal.

The 48 year old superstar who is a big fan of Master Blaster has decided to go to stadium and watch the match on all 5 days without make up to avoid getting caught and stopped.

As per reports King Khan had been very depressed ever since he got to know that Sachin’s last match would be held at Wankhede. He had stopped attending random marriages and birthday parties. He had even stopped plagiarizing quoting Rumi on twitter.

He tried lot of things to watch the match live. He did recce of the area around stadium. He went to the buildings surrounding Wankhede to see if could watch glimpse of India’s favorite cricketer from their roof tops but to no avail. He had lost all his hope and had resigned to his fate. He thought it was better idea to wait for the ban to get lifted and watch Arjun Tendulkar’s last match there instead. But destiny had other plans.

The idea to go without make up struck him when one fine morning his kids got scared and ran towards Gauri yelling, “Mummy Shahnaz Husain is sleeping on bed instead of papa.” Only to realize later that it was their dad SRK himself without make up.

That’s when he realized that without make up he has a god gift of easily fooling people into believing that he is a different man.

Excited he went to Wankhede to have a mock session there. He successfully managed to pass through the gate. But as soon as he tried entering the ground, he was stopped by security personnels there. His heart started beating faster and faster. But much to his relief they said “Baba yahan kya kar rahe ho..Jaake jhaadu maro bahar..parson se match hai.” This statement of theirs made him confident that he could indeed repeat the feat on all match days.

However latest reports suggest that his plan was foiled minutes later, after a security guard recognized him, when SRK while leaving from the main gate angrily pounded on two people and roared “zyada baat nahi karna, warna yahin gaad dunga while stammering.

As per eyewitness those two guys were having a random conversation about how awful Chennai Express was and how Salman Khan had left SRK behind.