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Sharma Productions to release ‘Sharma ji ke bete’ against Dharma Productions’ ‘Kapoor & Sons’

18, Mar 2016 By sameer mahawar

Mumbai: Latest movie Kapoor & Sons made under the Dharma Productions banner is set to face stiff competition from a not so famous production house which is all set to release its debut movie ‘Sharma Ji ke bete’ against it on box office later today.

Will Kapoors score at Box Office than Sharma Ji Ke bete?
Will Kapoors score more at Box Office than Sharma Ji Ke bete?

The nationwide infamous Sharma Comparative Index (SCI), which is generally used as a benchmark for comparing one’s child with Sharma Ji’s son, will make a debut in Bollywood so that audience, like every other thing in their life, can compare movies released by other producers with movies released by Sharma Jis.

Talking to Faking News, Mohan Lal Sharma, the Executive Director of Sharma Productions said, “Sharmas have never failed to provide Indian parents with the means of comparison. You name anything and ask your parents, they will tell you who is better, Sharma Ji ka beta or you”.

“Be it your grades, your salary, your car, your house, Sharmas have outperformed other common people everywhere. Kapil Sharma in Comedy, Rohit Sharma in Cricket, Anushka Sharma in Bollywood. You name the field and we are there outperforming other mere mortals. The only unexplored area left was a production house. So to provide movie critics with a benchmark to compare with, we have entered this area as well”, said Mr. Sharma with a grin on his face.

On being asked that if he is releasing a movie, why he hasn’t done any sort of promotion till now, Mr. Sharma replied, “We are as big as Google so we rely on same way of promotion as they did, word of mouth. We don’t need to approach media to promote our work. Everyone in Indian society does for promotion for free with their ‘Sharmaji ke bete ko dekho…usne ye kiya…usne wo kiya…uske tumse zyada marks aaye…uski tumse zyada girlfriends hai…wo tumse zyada baar onsite ja chuka hai’ type remarks.”

Meanwhile, a leading sociologist Mr. Aise Hi Nandy has called it a Brahminical conspiracy to force other castes out of business in Bollywood.