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Sherlyn Chopra takes on Viswanathan Anand for killing horses and camels

19, May 2010 By Saleem Pheku

Chennai. A group of PETA activists headed by scantily clad Sherlyn Chopra riding a stud along with a horde of horses, camels, and elephants staged a protest in front of Viswanathan Anand’s residence at Chennai. They shouted “Anand! Go back!!” Later speaking to Faking News, one of the PETA activists alleged that Anand was anti-animalist and killed all these protesting animals, excluding Sheryln.

Sherlyn posing for PETA
Sherlyn Chopra is seen here quite disturbed over plight of animals

“The sad part of the story is Anand rubbishes such killings and claims it only as part of his game!” the activist lamented. Savoring her favorite dish at a nearby KFC, she further questioned, “How can killing of horses, camels and elephants be a part of the game? Isn’t it done for sheer human pleasure? He may kill as many human beings as he wants as part of his game but we can’t accept animal killing.”

On behalf of PETA, she further demanded, “Such games should be banned. Khans like Salman and Saif get encouraged to hunt wild life because of such games. Government should immediately withdraw all the awards given to Viswanathan Anand.”

When contacted by Faking News over her choice of riding a stud, half naked Sherlyn said, “Unlike Nargise Bagheri riding a wooden horse, I wanted to do it bigger, like riding a real elephant. But you know, I got scared by its trunk and settled down rather with a real stud.”

In response to another question, she retorted with a sharp voice, “What’s wrong being nude or semi-nude? We are animal lovers and follow the dress code of our beloved. This is how we get the much desired publicity both for ourselves and for PETA”.

She ended it up saying, “this is our usual practice”. Meanwhile, Faking News observed an unhappy filly murmuring, “Jeez, I now understand why all these colts are no more interested in us!”