Shooting of Big Boss halted after ‘Big Boss‘ himself gets a call from Kaleen Bhaiya and has to leave

08, Oct 2018 By Ad-min

Some things which come to mind when we talk about the controversial reality show Big Boss is celebrity guests, fights, abuses, Salman Khan and last but not the least, the commanding presence or in this case the absence of Big Boss himself. The booming, authoritative voice commands respect and contestants have never doubted or revolted against Big Boss. Big Boss has always managed to send awe, fear and respect down the spine of the Big Boss 12 contestants, just like it did to the other contestants in the previous seasons.

Big Boss producers are having a tough time dealing with the situation
Big Boss producers are having a tough time dealing with the situation

But in a bizarre incident which happened yesterday, the shooting was halted as the man himself, the ‘Big Boss ‘had to leave citing a strange reason. The whole incident happened when a contestant was called into the confession room by Big Boss. Before he could say anything to the contestant, his phone rang, and there was fear in his voice. He said ‘Kaleen Bhaiya ne bulaya hai’ and left from the shooting location.

The contestant and the organizers were left shell-shocked as without Big Boss the shooting is not possible. The organizers were seen trying to find who Kaleen Bhaiya is from various sources but got no information. For people who thought, Big Boss was the highest authority in the showbiz, yesterday was an eye-opener. Even Big Boss follows and respects the order of someone else.

Faking News reporter spoke to the production executive of the show and he had this to say, “There was a shiver in his voice. At first, we thought he is acting and trying to be funny to make the atmosphere a bit lighter for the contestants, but no, in 5 minutes he was out of the sets. My boys tried to follow him, but he repeated the phrase that ‘Kaleen Bhaiya ne bulaya hai’. We have never heard of any Kaleen Bhaiya. But my request to Kaleen Bhaiya, if he is watching this interview is that please take any celebrity contestant if you want, but give us back our ‘Big Boss’.

Police have started an investigation in this matter, but have not found any clues leading to Kaleen Bhaiya. Our reporters are constantly tracking the investigation and we will keep you updated on the latest happenings.  It is our humble request to our readers to get in touch with us in case they have any information on Kaleen Bhaiya.