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Shot selection same as script selection: Salman promises to help Rishabh Pant with his poor form  

16, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

Rishabh Pant is facing a lot of flak from fans for his poor form on the West Indies tour. Social media castigated the cricketer for his shot selection. Help for the beleaguered batsman-keeper has come from unlikely quarter.

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Bollywood actor Salman Khan has offered to help Rishabh with his ‘shot selection’. Sources say that Salman, a die-hard cricket fan, was concerned with Rishabh’s poor shot selection that saw him off the pitch in no time.

Critics were scathing and one newspaper column read, “It took Rishabh less time to get back to the pavilion that the guy hurriedly saying ‘mutual funds are subject to market risks..’ How can he ever replace Dhoni.”

Salman was concerned that this criticism could put unnecessary pressure on the youngster, which could affect his career. Apparently, the bollywood star wants his expertise in script selection to help Rishabh.

While speaking to Faking News, Sohail Khan said, “There is a reason why Salman bhai is called a superstar. He too like Rishabh Pant made poor selections such as Chandramukhi and everyone said his career was over. But look where he is now.”

Bhai ne kitne logon ke career banaye hai. Rishabh ka bhi career set kar denge,” he added, but declined on taking any questions on his own career.

There were many who questioned Salman’s gesture and wondered if he was being sarcastic. “Salman and scripts don’t go well together. From what I know, Salman’s scriptwriter has been jobless since the last 10 years. This will turn out to be counterproductive,” said a movie critic who didn’t wish to be named.