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The show will go on till we find out what Manish Malhotra and Sophie Choudry do in real life: CID producers

06, Jun 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Manish Malhotra is an Indian fashion designer who often works with Hindi cinema actresses. Sophie has been active primarily in Indian films and is also a former MTV India VJ and occasional model and television presenter. the common link between both is that they are seen in every Bollywood party, every movie launch, every trailer launch and almost all functions held to celebrate an event in Bollywood. Many film journalists have retired and not able to find what is the profession of these celebrities. Many film magazines have held challenges and contests for their teams to find out what do these both do in real life..


Even CID producers who have an eye for an interesting thrilling story have raised their hands and said that the show will continue till we find out what is Manish Malhotra and Sophie Choudry’s profession. manish Malhotra is the Karan Johar of the fashion industry where he is a friend of every fashion celebrity. There is no film actor or actress who has celebrated their birthdays in the absence of Manish or Sophie. In fact, the fashion or movie photographers don’t start clicking pictures till both of them have arrived at a function. They have made the biggest stars like SRK, Hrithik wait for cutting the cake as Manish and Sophie were late for their birthdays.

CID wants to end on a high. After all these years of engaging content, they want to give something to remember for the Indian Audience.  Even the celebrities who invite Manish and Sophie for a party don’t know what they do and how they earn so much money. Many college students also want to become like them but the thing is they don’t know what is their profession or the process they follow in earning so much and be close to every Bollywood celebrity.