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Showed filmmakers that we can do fight scenes even at this age, say Randhir & Rishi Kapoor on visarjan fracas

18, Sep 2016 By dasu

Mumbai: During Ganpati Visarjan, Kapoor brothers showed their fighting technique to the whole world. On their way to immerse the Ganpati idol last week, the Kapoor brothers got into pushing and shoving with some journalists, with the elder Kapoor even slapping a person.

Rishi Randhir
Action heroes!

“I am more than happy, as big brother, Rishi gave me opportunity to slap and push more journalists than he did”, said Randhir Kapoor who looked fighting fit with a pant size still five short of his age (69).

“There was no space to even breathe comfortably and these journalists wanted us to give a byte for them. They kept pushing their mics and cameras in our faces. The angry young men in us woke up after all the pushing and shoving”, thundered Randhir Kapoor who has taken decision to semi-retire from movies unless someone offers him good script like Sajid Khan does.

Rishi, who had lost a few Kgs because he had to walk for more than fifty meters, said, “I am tired of all these clichéd roles that come my way these days.  In my youth, all the action roles went to Dharamji or Amitji, now those roles go to the younger actors. Hum bhi fight scene kar sakte hain bhai. We cannot do even romantic roles now as our pot bellies will stop heroines from hugging us. This Visarjan incident was an attempt to change our image.”

However, Rishi is sad many journalists have not captured his hard hitting slaps. He said, “It’s not that I was lagging behind bade bhaiyya. If all my clippings come online & become viral, few roles more menacing than Rauf Lala of Angneepath would come my way”.

Last we heard television channels have fired their journalists who were not slapped for missing out on  a big exclusive.