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Sidhu denies he was laughing like crazy after watching video of Pawar being slapped

25, Nov 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Amritsar. Former cricketer and BJP MP Navjot Singh Sidhu has denied reports that he was laughing like crazy after watching the video clip of Sharad Pawar getting slapped by a certain Harvinder Singh. Sidhu, who is known for endless laughter, was heard having a guffaw by his neighbors while allegedly watching a news channel. His neighbors claim that it was the news of Pawar being slapped that was on-air at the time Sidhu broke into an unbridled laughter.

“Whenever Sidhu paaji paused to breathe air, I could hear sounds of someone being slapped repeatedly. I think some news channel had amplified the sound and was showing the video clip in loop,” Surinder Khanna, one of the neighbors of Sidhu told Faking News.

Navjot Singh Sidhu
Siddhu, allegedly after watching Sharad Pawar being slapped.

“He even screamed ‘wo maara paapad waale ko’ once,” Surinder claimed.

Sidhu is the second public figure after Anna Hazare who has been reported to have been amused by the attack on Pawar. However, Sidhu denies the charges.

“You don’t claim to have seen a snake after touching a rope my friend!” Sidhu staunchly defended himself, “You may trust your ear, but what about god’s fear?”

Later, speaking in a normal language, Sidhu claimed that he was rehearsing for some TV show and it was just a happenstance that Pawar slapping video was being played on some news channel at the same time.

However, the allegations by Sidhu’s neighbors have taken a political turn with Congress leader Digvijay Singh using it as a proof to claim that BJP and RSS members were behind the recent attack on politicians.

“Sidhu himself is known to have assaulted a person who later died. This is BJP and RSS culture to beat up people,” Digvijay Singh claimed, “I think there is RSS hand on, I mean behind, Pawar’s slapping.”

While both BJP and Congress have defended their vocal leaders, the common man has decided to stick to watching videos of Sharad Pawar being slapped without worrying about how the society might be getting intolerant.

Pencho! We read news about honor killings and road rage killings each second day, then no intellectual appears so disturbed about the future of our society. And here is a non-injurious slap and they are preaching tolerance! F@$k it! I’m going to remix the Pawar slapping video with Sidhu’s and Rahul Mahajan’s laughter audio!” an angry citizen said.