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Simi Garewal to play vampire in the upcoming Twilight movie

16, Jun 2011 By Tantanoo

Mumbai. Rumor mills in Bollywood are abuzz with talks of Bollywood veteran Simi Garewal being cast in the upcoming Twilight movie – Breaking Dawn, Part 1. Simi, who recently became a trending topic on Twitter without going on a fast unto death to protest against seven signs of ageing, is said to be very secretive about the project and is playing it really close to her heart.

The closest Simi came to being a vampire was when she played a ‘vamp’ in Karz, the 1980 movie without the extra three z’s and starring Rishi Kapoor, not to be confused with the Himesh Reshammiya’s 2008 masterpiece.

It is also rumored that she will be playing the nanny to Renesmee, Bella and Edward’s child in the Twilight movie.

Simi Garewal
Simi Garewall just posed and refused to comment when asked to comment on the rumors

Popularly called the ‘Phantom of the Oprah’, Simi’s previous venture in Hollywood, Tarzan goes to India (1962), is considered by many to be a gamechanger in the history of world cinema. Though her recent television show ‘India’s Most Desirable’, a sequel of popular crime show ‘India’s Most Wanted’ has received a lukewarm response from the audience, Simi is all set to conquer old hearts again.

Faking News quizzed Deepika Padukone about this development and she was all praise for Simi: “Simi is a wonderful, glittering person. I think she has this vampirish aura about her – always dressed in whites and shining wherever she goes – that makes her fit for this role. I think this is the best thing to have happened to Bollywood after Hiss.”

Popular art films director Ram Gopal Varma however had a mixed opinion of the news: “I can’t tell the difference between her and a Madame Tussuad’s. If wax is what the Twilight makers want, I think Simi is the best choice.”

“I am happy for her,” says popular Simi Garewal lookalike Cyrus Sahukar, who is said to be elated about this news as more and more people are lining up for his autograph considering him to be Simi.

But apparently Twilight’s makers are not only impressed by Simi’s ‘deadly’ features but also her TOEFL score. Simi had a 119 on her TOEFL and is second only to Barack Obama when it comes to speaking in English for painstakingly lengthy durations. Several detergent and cement brands are now approaching Simi for endorsement of their products.

She is also slated to act in the Bollywood remake of ‘The Dark Knight’ titled ‘Mera Naam Bhi Joker’. To top it all, there is another rumor going in Hollywood that Simi is set to play the wife of legendary wizard Gandalf in the upcoming movie ‘The Hobbits’.

“Gandalf The White and Simi The White are going to be the most awesome wizarding couple in the history of Middle-Earth,” an LOTR fan gushes on a forum.

If these rumors are true, all the Middletons and Sherawats of the world, beware, Simi Garewal is slated to become not only India’s but World’s most desirable.

(reported by Tantanoo)