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Six special celebrity lookalikes spotted by Faking News

06, Feb 2011 By @jurnoleast

There have been many instances celebrity lookalikes, often giving rise to rumors of the concerned celebrities being related to each other in some way. Faking News too found six such instances, but we are not commenting on the “relationship” enjoyed by these celebrities with each other, who come from varied backgrounds such as movies, music, magic, cricket, comics and politics:

Betaal and Christina Aguilera
Betaal and Christina Aguilera

Casper and Gaayab
Casper the Friendly Ghost and Gaayab form “Gaayab Aaya”

Tremlett and Hulk
English cricketer Chris Tremlett and Hulk

Caddick, Agarkar, and Yoda
Andy Caddick, Ajit Agarkar, and Yoda

Rakhi, Ari, and Chucky
Rakhi Sawant, Ari, and Chucky

Shibu Soren and Snoop Dogg
Shibu Soren and Snoop Dogg