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'Sometimes I drink regular tap water just to irritate Hema' says veteran actor Dharmendra in a candid conversation

04, Sep 2018 By @jurnoleast

Yamla Pagla Deewana(YPD) is out in the theatres veteran actor Dharmendra once again makes an appearance after a brief hiatus.

Age may not be giving him the mileage that needs, but it can’t take away the childlike enthusiasm that he still sports.

Here’s excerpt of the conversation

Q: How has the response to YPD been?

Dharmendra: GREAT! I am happy to share screen with my sons Sunny and Bobby once again.


Q: But reviews are not so good for the movie. Critics saying that you have to be a Yamla, Pagla or a Deewana to watch the movie?

D: Critics don’t bother me. Next question please.

Q: Good to see Bobby on the big screen. He got a new lease of life after Race 3?

D: Yes. Absolutely true. The last time Bobby in front of a camera it was for a family wedding. Where he was dancing to his own songs from Gupt. Happy to see him employed. At one point he even thought of doing an MBA and getting a regular job.

Q: Speaking of Hemaji, there are rumors that she could be part of next installment of YPD?

D: Yes, if she gets some time from promoting KENT purifiers, then probably

Q: Coming to current-affairs, lot of intolerance in the country

D: there is definitely, to some extent. My dialogue ‘kutte mai tera khoon pee jaoonga‘ would have got dog-lovers and PETA to protest on the streets.

Q: Petrol prices are increasing too?

D: Doesn’t bother me. I drink whiskey. Besides none of us go out as much. Sunny aur Bobby dono ghar pe hi baithe rehte hain.

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