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Hearing about Sonakshi's weak mathematics, Hrithik to cast her as weak student in Super 30’s sequel

14, Aug 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Sonakshi Sinha in her interview with Sonal Kalra yesterday said, “I always wanted to be a scientist. But not being good with maths ruined it for me.”. Her comment attracted a lot of attention as people on Twitter shared their unfulfilled stories of childhood. Just like Sonakshi they too gave reasons why they failed to achieve their dream.


But Sonakshi’s comments has helped her bag a role in Hrithik’s Super30 sequel. Hrithik, incidentally, is planning a sequel to his much-acclaimed movie and thinks that Sonakshi is the right candidate to play a weak student.

Faking News reporter spoke to Hrithik and he had this to say, ” Going by her comments, I think Sonakshi will fit naturally into the role and the preparation time will be much less if we can find some more actresses who were weak at studies we can soon start shooting for the sequel. My offer is open to the actors too. If you feel you were a weak student, I have a role for you. But I will not prefer stars to play the roles of the student as I want to be the biggest star in the project. So actors and actresses who have not given a major hit in the last 3-4 years can surely approach me.”

We will keep you updated about all the latest happenings of Super 30’s sequel.