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Sony Max reschedules daily Sooryavansham show to avoid clash with FIFA World Cup Final

13, Jul 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Football World Cup fever is at its peak even in Cricket crazy India and the nation is glued to the events unfolding in Russia. The football fever is set to hit its peak this Sunday when France take on Croatia in the final. To make sure their viewers won’t have to make the most difficult decision of their lives, Sony Max has decided to reschedule the timing of their daily Sooryavansham show to avoid a clash with the final.


Sooryavansham is the staple diet of Sony Max viewers and daily Crores of people rush to their TV sets to catch one of the shows on their TV. Now they can make sure they can get their daily dose of Heera Thakur without missing out on the excitement of a World Cup final.

Making this announcement, a Sony Max executive said,” We didn’t want to put our viewers in a difficult situation where they had to choose between Heera and Pogba so we took this decision. We thought about not airing Sooryavansham at all that day but then doctors advised us that people can fall ill if they don’t get their daily Bhanu Pratap so we decided to move the show ahead by 3 hours. This way, people can enjoy the final without missing out on Sooryavansham and we won’t end up competing with our sister channel from Sony for the viewers.”

“We make this arrangement during IPL as well so it is not something new but yes, this is the first time we have rescheduled this film for Football. Hopefully our viewers will appreciate this gesture and everyone will tune in to watch Heera Thakur at the stated time”, the executive added.

When asked if people still watch Sooryavansham, he said,” People only watch Sooryavansham. Other movies on the channel are seen only be people waiting for Sooryavansham show to begin!”