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Spider-man is leaving MCU as Marvel and Sony end their deal, Amit Shah says he has nothing to do with it

21, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

Marvel Cinematic Universe is going through a crisis. And it has nothing to do with Thanos’ snap of finger. Sources say that friendly neighborhood spider-man is leaving MCU after Marvel and Sony decided to end their deal.

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The news came as shock to many fans who clearly were not prepared for the news. There were also speculations about Amit Shah having a role to play in the sudden turn of events.

The Home Minister however denied any knowledge of Spider-Man and Marvel Cinematic Universe. While speaking to Faking News he said, “Arre bhai ye spiderman kaunse party ka MLA  ya minister hai. Maine kabhi iska naam nahi suna. Fir bhi media wale mera naam usse kyu jod rahe hai. Agar usko MCU chhodna hai toh theek hai. Lekin mai janta ko ye batana chahta hu ki ye spiderman BJP join nahi kar raha hai.”

It didn’t take long to political opponents of Amit Shah to jump on the opportunity to take potshots at the Home Minister.

Mamata Bannerjee was not surprised at the turn of events. “MCU will end even without Thanos snapping his finger and we have Amit Shah to thank for that. MCU already lost Iron Man and BLack Widow and now Amit Shah has hammered the last nail in the MCU coffin. TMC will raise this issue in the next Parliament session,” she said.

Raj Thackeray too in his characteristic way took aim at the BJP for orchestrating another evil scheme. “he kai chal luh aahe (what is going on). This Shah and Modi are worst than Thanos. They manipulated the results and came to power. Now they probably wanted to take control of MCU and this is why they are trying to break the unity of superheroes. We will protest with a Mumbai bandh,” he threatened.

But not every political opponent was ready to speak on camera. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal refused to comment on the issue and maintained a stoic silence. AAP sources say that their leader is trying his best not be critical of any BJP leader and further jeopardizing his chances in Delhi polls.