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SRK given status of Chief Minister of Bollywood, will be exempted at US airports

16, Apr 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In an innovative solution to the problem of Shah Rukh Khan being detained at US airports again and again, government of India has decided to accord a diplomatic status to the Bollywood actor. Shah Rukh Khan will now be recognized as the Chief Minister of Bollywood – a new state of India – and would get a diplomatic passport.

“He is already addressed as King Khan – King of Bollywood – but since India did away with Kings, Nawaabs, and Zamindaars after independence, we decided to call him the CM of Bollywood,” informed an official in the Ministry of External Affairs, who was given the special charge of taking up the SRK detention issue with US.

Shahrukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan gestures when a journalist asked him if he, as a CM, could ban the telecast of Aamir Khan’s latest TV show Satyamev Jayate in Bollywood, his state.

While SRK has been given the status of a Chief Minister, his rights and responsibilities are not yet clear, and it’s already turning into a political controversy.

“Bollywood is a part of Mumbai, and Mumbai belongs to Maharashtra. We will not allow Bollywood to be taken away from Maharashtra,” Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray declared. Thackeray claimed that they already had a (moral) police force for Bollywood, and if at all Bollywood were to be given the status of a state, someone from Shiv Sena camp should have become the Chief Minister.

BJP too has supported Shiv Sena and has termed the move as Congress’ attempt to increase the number of Congress friendly Chief Ministers in India on a day it had to face opposition from non-Congress CMs on matter of internal security.

Not only political parties, sources say that fans and friends of Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are also angry and want the government to issue diplomatic passports to the other two Khans too.

“There were four Chief Ministers in Meghalaya just two years ago, so why can’t be there four or five CMs in Bollywood?” an Aamir Khan fan wondered.

“No, we don’t want to share the post. There should be elections and we are sure Sallu will win,” a Salman Khan fan demanded and threatened to tear off the diplomatic passport of SRK.

Even John Abraham fans believe that the special status to SRK was not needed.

The government has declined to comment on these responses, but they confirmed that SRK would be allowed to choose his own cabinet for Bollywood.

“Karan Johar could become the Home Minister while Finance Ministry could be given to Gauri Khan – SRK’s wife, who has recently produced Ra.One,” a source close to Shah Rukh Khan revealed.