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SRK releases “My Name Is Kahn” to confuse Shiv Sainiks

12, Feb 2010 By dukhi aatma

Berlin, Germany. Just as everybody wondered what Shahrukh Khan was doing abroad when his movie was to be released in India, Faking News has learnt that King Khan was out to fox Shiv Sena. He has hatched a clever plan with the sports world yet again, but this time the sport being football. SRK is planning a simultaneous release of a movie homonymously titled “My Name Is Kahn”.

Recently, a German newspaper had announced the collaboration of Shahrukh Khan and the star German goalkeeper Oliver Rolf Kahn to release a new movie called “My Name Is Kahn” along with “My Name Is Khan”. This news was ignored by Indian media as they were too excited over the SRK vs. Sena controversy. This calculated move was made in order to confuse the Shiv Sainiks so that they end up stoning the wrong movie.

On being asked about the movie, Oliver said, “Well I will be starring in this movie. In the movie I will be playing a football coach who comes to India to train a team of whiny, bitchy air-headed girls so that they can win some tournament with their neighboring college. But unfortunately, because of my German origins, I am detained and held up at the airport for hours citing security reasons. And I say – My Name Is Kahn… and I am not a Nazi.”

Although the movie is being released primarily to distract Shiv Sena workers, Oliver was quite excited over the prospects and went on to reveal the bulk of the plot, “Then it (the movie) will show my slow transformation from an October fest German, who gets irritated by numerous Hitler references, into a proud Marathi Manoos who settles down with one of the Maharashtrian girls from the team in a simple yet emotional manner.”

When contacted, Shahrukh Khand didn’t disclose much about the plan and the movie, but he sent out flying kisses and showed signs of victory by shaping his fingers in V shape.

A promotional poster of “My Name Is Kahn”
A promotional poster of “My Name Is Kahn”