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That Starbucks coffee cup in GoT had 'Made in Amethi' written underneath: Rahul Gandhi 

07, May 2019 By @jurnoleast

Rahul Gandhi failed to turn up at Amethi while voting was underway, but that did not stop him from trying to garner some last minute votes.

coffee cup

While referring to the viral anachronism in Game of Thrones, the Congress President today claimed that the Starbucks coffee cup in the popular fantasy drama had Made in Amethi written underneath.

Though Rahul has toned down on his ‘Made in XYZ’ statements during this election campaign, he couldnt help himself this time around as he desperately tried to woo voters.

Woh din durr nahi jab Jon Snow apni talwar ghumakar dekhenge aur waha likha hoga Made in Amethi. Lekin yeh tabhi hoga jab Congress ki sarkaar aayegi,” he said while speaking to his supporters.

His statements didn’t go well with rival party candidates who asked the Election Commission to take cognizance of Rahul’s statement.

Smriti Irani lashed out at the Congress President for making the same old ‘ghise pite vaade’. “Yeh Amethi ko Winterfell banana chahte hai kya. His ideas are as fantasy ridden as the show itself. The people of Amethi will do ‘Nyay’ on the 23rd. Mr. Rahul from the house of Gandhi, brace yourself Results Are Coming,” she said while speaking to our reporter.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala was quick to defend Rahul’s statement and said that BJP is making its intentions clear by opposing Rahul Gandhi’s vision. “He has global aspirations for Amethi and look at BJP, their regressive thinking is only shows that they don’t care about the people. All they want is power.”

Meanwhile, makers of GoT have stated that they failed to find anything written underneath the cup. An image of the cup was also shared on the show’s social media handle to clear any doubts.