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Struggling actors association issues guidelines for actors seeking publicity after suicide of colleagues

07, Apr 2016 By The Reviewer

Mumbai: After recent tragic suicide of a TV actress, the struggling TV actors association based in Lokhandwala, Mumbai has come up with proper guidelines for actors seeking publicity over such deaths.

Association is upset with such press conferences
Association is upset with such press conferences

“Actors were going over board and were making it too obvious that they are just seeking publicity” association chairman Rahul struggler said. “We are bad actors but being that bad gives our industry bad name, imagine even journalists taunting us for acting like vultures after a tragedy” he added.

Welcoming this step all India TV actors association president Tutu Khanna said “These noobs were giving a bad name to the art of self-promotion during a tragedy. Bhai publicity stunt karo…itna mat karo ki politician lagne lago

The draft guidelines FN has got hold of mentions the following things:

  1. Senior actors should be allowed to do press conferences and get limelight first.
  2. No actor should take more than 2 hours of TV footage.
  3. Blame for suicide must be pre decided by association through opinion poll and all actors must accuse the winner of the poll.
  4. All actors must appear on TV with appropriate make up. Association has observed in recent cases, some actors in haste to hog limelight appeared without make up and scared away TV audiences .
  5. Raza Murad will be stopped from being the first responder to every news channel after any tragedy. Others to get a chance as well.
  6. Association has tied up with product placements companies to monetize suicide press conferences. All members should cooperate and display partner brands only during press conferences etc.
  7. No one should accuse another colleague of doing publicity stunt over suicide. Work as a team and stunt together.
  8. Actors should report their suicidal colleagues to association so we can prepare better suicide publicity stunts.
  9. Bhatt sir to lead movie association with suicide event committee to see how movies can get better publicity during suicides.

10- The right to become “best friend” of the dead will be given on rotational basis; an actor will not be allowed to claim best friend status with the deceased in two successive suicides.

Meanwhile news editors across channels unanimously criticized TV actors for using a tragedy for publicity while showing their publicity stunt on repeat for 6 days straight.