I am struggling to decide which big producer to work with next: Ananya Pandey talks about the struggle a Starkid goes through

16, Oct 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Ananya Pandey, the daughter of Chunkey Pandey made a grand acting debut through ‘SOTY2’ which was not a major hit but she has been bagging all the big roles since. She will be next seen in pati, Patni, aur Woh. She obviously has the backing of a father like Chunkey Pandey who is not a famed actor but has links as he gatecrashes into every party. Ananya has never been short of scripts or producers wanting to meet her.

ananya-pande (1)

She has been in fact struggling to select the right script and the right producer to work with on her next project. Ananya spoke to Faking News and said that media never highlights the struggle that Starkids go through and just harps upon the same old Nepotism narrative.

Ananya was answering us to the question about perks that star kids enjoy and outsiders are kept away from. Ananya told, ” I have 20 producers calling me daily and giving me the summary of the script. How should I decide which film should I do next? I am going through mental trauma. Every day I feel like I should keep my phone shut down and not answer anyone, but then I think that they love me so much and I should not let them down. Star kids have to be extra humble. But the media is very biased towards the outsiders and never highlights the struggles of a starkid.”