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Students protest against Karan Johar for 'wrong portrayal' as SOTY2 poster shows students with backpacks

12, Apr 2018 By dasu

Mumbai: It seems filmmakers are hell bent on hurting the sentiments of sections of the society. We all witnessed last year what makers of Padmaavat and Manikarnika did by playing with the sentiments of the people. Now it’s the turn of Karan Johar’s Dharma productions which has hurt the sentiments of students by portraying them ‘wrongly’.

“As per the SOTY2 poster Karan shared, it introduces two new actresses with backpacks. Which student now days carry a backpack to college? What for? Carrying books?”, said Manish Dubey who was leading the protesters in front of Dharma productions.

Manish who is doing his 7th year PhD in JNU and is back home in Mumbai due to summer holidays asked, “I do not see any issue with Tiger’s characters who looks like a choreographer ready to break in to some dance mode. It’s the two new actresses who are so good looking I can’t take my eyes off, but the backpacks completely spoil my mood.”

“Karan has a name for breaking stereotypes starting with his debut movie Kuch Kuch Hota hai. That was in late nineties when some students used to carry books. But he never showed SRK or Kajol with books in the movie. A college principal (Anupam Kher) dancing behind one of his college faculty (Archana Puran Singh), Kajol playing basketball in saree are some of new stuffs he brought to Indian cinema,” said Manish who confessed the only book he reads daily is Facebook.

“We all have seen SOTY and we all know what a brilliant movie it was. With Tiger in the lead role, it’s just a question of 200 crores or 300 crores at box office. No need to try something different with SOTY2. We want Karan to come forward, apologize and change the poster,” said Manish.

“Otherwise we will sit here on fast for five hours after having chole bhature tomorrow morning,” warned Manish.