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Stuntman kicked in the air by Telugu hero reaches upper atmosphere, ISRO plans rescue mission

24, Apr 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Hyderabad. Telugu movie heroes are usually known to have kicked co-actors several feet up in the air during movie shootings. But noted Tollywood super-star Ravi Teja took his kicking prowess to an unprecedented level when he kicked a stuntman Balli with such momentum that Balli was actually launched into the upper atmosphere, and is stuck there since then.

The incident reportedly happened at the sets of Ravi Teja’s upcoming movie “Kick 2”. While shooting a particular action scene Ravi Teja apparently kicked fifteen extras and stuntmen in the air one after the other amidst swish-swoosh background sounds. Balli was the last guy to be kicked and hence was kicked by Teja with utmost passion, which resulted in this incident.

Balli taking off..
Balli taking off..

Balli’s co-stuntman Jaggi provided more details to reporters after the shoot was over, “We were shooting for the climax scene in which MahaRaja garu (Ravi Teja) kicked all of us in the air one after the other. All of us took 4-5 somersaults in the air and soared high in the sky. Then as instructed we froze for a few seconds in the air while MahaRaja garu cleaned his sun-glasses, flirted with the heroine, looked at the camera and walked out of the scene calmly.”

“Just after he did that, we all fell down fast and hit the ground one after the other and the scene was completed. Just then one of us noticed that Balli was missing and we saw that instead of coming down he was rising higher and higher in the sky. We were shocked, none of us knew what to do and now the poor chap is stuck somewhere up there with no help,” a teary eyed Jaggi said.

After this news was repeatedly shown round the clock by 13 Hindi, 32 Telugu, 17 Kannada and 49 Tamil News channels this incident has become a national issue. While a few people are trying to locate Balli using Google Earth software, a team of research scientists at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has started working on an urgent project to safely bring Balli back to earth. After successful launch of Chandra-yaan and Mangal-yaan this team is developing an extraction spaceship called the Bachaav-yaan (the savior space-ship). This space-ship will locate Balli in the atmosphere, extract him safely and will bring him back to earth.

Though it is still unclear on what is the ETA for Balli’s extraction, his friends and family are eagerly waiting for him to come back safely and are planning several religious trips. Meanwhile superstar director Ram Gopal Varma has also been seen surveying the shooting location where Balli was kicked in the air. He is apparently doing research on his new multilingual film project inspired from this incident and was also accompanied by Ritesh Deshmukh and a few other in-house actors from RGV’s film house.