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Subramanian Swamy fails to find a conspiracy theory for 30 minutes, shocked

03, Apr 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. The king of conspiracy theories, Subramanian Swamy today got the shock of his life when he failed to find a conspiracy theory behind anything around him for 30 minutes at a stretch.

The man who usually sees a KGB and Arab conspiracy even in a parrot being green in color was left dumbfounded after it came to his realization that he hadn’t proposed a conspiracy theory to his followers on Twitter and outside for last half an hour.

Embarrassed by the harsh reality that just struck him, Swamy however quickly regained his composure and immediately swung into damage control mode and made up the lost ground by alleging a huge conspiracy even behind his failure to find a conspiracy for 30 minutes.

Saubramnaian Swamy conspiracy
Swamy showing proof of the conspiracy.

“I have a strong evidence that points to a joint conspiracy of TDK, Shree 420, Buddhu, and AAPtards behind this attempt to malign me and my very existence,” Swamy tweeted from his account @swamy39.

Swamy, who is a firm believer of ‘a conspiracy theory a minute keeps schizophrenia away intact’ further vowed to back up his claims by coming up with never-seen-before documents.

Close aides of Swamy claim that the ex-president of Janta Party is blessed with abilities to find conspiracies even in his normal day-to-day activities and were hopeful he would bounce back.

“He once blamed some Italian hand behind his house maid taking leave for a day,” an aide told Faking New.

Experts however felt that it was a result of Swamy overdoing it.

“Maybe he is going through a bad phase at the moment or may be he is trying too hard. He should just play his natural game and must remember form is temporary, conspiracies are permanent,” an expert advised.

However experts also warn that if the trend continues and Swamy doesn’t find his feet quickly, his bete noir and rival in this field, Arvind Kejriwal, who himself sees Ambani-Adani conspiracy behind everything that happens around him, could soon steal a march ahead and become the no 1 conspiracy theorist of India.