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Suhel Seth recognises Roger Federer during a television show, audience faints

12, Dec 2014 By zhootareportor

Mumbai. After having failed to identify former Captain of Indian National Hockey team Viren Rasquinha in an alleged literature event, Suhel Seth seems to have done the impossible. He recognized tennis player Roger Federer, who had appeared on a television show along with Pete Sampras to have discussion with the audience during his first visit to India.

“I know you Federer”

Immediately after Suhel identified Federer (by calling his name correctly), more than 50% of the audience fainted in the auditorium.

Organizers had a tough time for next 5 minutes, till the time people came back to their senses. Some people left the venue saying that this was too much of shock for them and they need to reconcile with this for at least a week before they could be back.

On being asked by the media after the show about his unprecedented performance, Suhel first accepted the goof-up that he caused during the literature event. He then shared his strategy that he formulated immediately after the event.

He stated that immediately after the event, he went to a book shop buy two books-1) General Knowledge Today and 2) Personalities in Pictures. He went on to add that initially he could only identify Rakhi Sawant and Bipasha Basu in pictures and was somehow able to identify Mahatma Gandhi after being given three clues.

He termed the person who had given him clues a “dolt”.

On being asked about Alia Bhat’s claim that her G.K. was better than Suhel Seth, he immediately conceded defeated but agreed that he will give her run for the money during next one year. Reliable sources have mentioned that Suhel is targeting memorizing states in India and their capital during next week, followed by names of Seven Wonders of the World.

Eight wonder is Mr. Suhel Seth himself and he need not put any effort to memorize it. He just needs to be candid.