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Sukhwinder Singh to accompany athletes to Rio Olympics, will sing “Chak De” and “Sultan” to motivate them

12, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has decided to send playback singer Sukhwinder Singh with the Indian Olympic contingent to Rio. Sukhwinder will be singing his songs ‘Chak De’ and ‘Sultan’ as Indian athletes practice and compete, to motivate them to gold medals in Rio.

Sukhwinder singh
India’s coach for motivation

Sukhwinder has earlier inspired Indian women’s team to Hockey World Cup and Salman Khan to Olympic Gold in Chak De and Sultan respectively. Those athletes always trained with Sukhwinder singing in the background and IOA believes that this may be the key to their success.

IOA has roped in several goodwill ambassadors for these Olympics and now has decided to add Sukhwinder Singh as a motivation ambassador as well.

“You saw what Salman Khan did in Sultan with Sukhwinder’s motivation. Of course the hockey team in Chak De’s success is part of Indian folklore now. In fact, that song even inspired the cricketers to win a world cup in 2007 after the disappointment in the Caribbean. It will be silly of us to overlook his contribution. We want to make sure we give our athletes the best possible chance to win and it is just a part of that”, a senior IOA official told Faking News.

“The idea came to me while I watching Sultan recently. When the movie started, I gave Salman no chance in wrestling but look what happened, he managed to win the World Championships and Olympic God and managed to marry Anushka Sharma as well! It was all due to that mitti-khoon song that Sukhwinder was constantly singing to him. Then I realized Salman is one of our ambassadors for the Olympic games so I spoke to him and he assured me that he will get Sukhwinder on board”, the official added.

As per sources, IOA is also planning to rope in Kailash Kher to sing “Allah ke bande hans de” for athletes who fail to win medals at the Olympics.