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Sumo blasted up in the air by Rohit Shetty in 2013, finally returns back to earth in 2015

24, Oct 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: One of the Tata Sumo cars blasted by superstar action director Rohit Shetty during the Shooting of Singham 2 has finally returned back to earth after staying in the air for around 2 years.

Ajay Devgan with the sumo that came back
Ajay Devgan with the sumo that came back after 2 years

The Tata sumo was apparently blasted in the air during an action scene shooting sometime in 2013 where Ajay Devgan a.k.a. Bajirao Singham deflected one of the hand-grenades thrown at him and it had hit the Sumo instead.

Since the sumo car went into the upper atmosphere at that time the scene of sumo coming down and hitting the ground could not be shot then.

But after two years when NASA scientists predicted the accurate time and location of the sumo’s fall and informed Rohit Shetty about it, he was present with his entire crew to shoot the “Sumo fall” scene. This scene will be used in his upcoming film ‘Singham Returns one more time’.

“Sumo cars … blasting them, toying with them, playing with them. I just love it. I hate driving them though,” said superstar action director Rohit Shetty.

“I get dreams of Sumo cars. Imagine 3000 sumo cars driving at fast pace in a dessert. And one hero standing alone in their path. Waiting for them to hit him. He slams an extremely powerful kick in the ground and all the 3000 Sumo cars are blasted up in the air in one go. And they all just stay a few feet up in the air for a few minutes, while the hero walks coolly on the ground beneath them. The hero then claps loudly and all the cars come crashing down and they all blast with huge bang and flames. Oh God it’s too orgasmic,” Shetty said with a broad but passionate smile.

Cine-superstar and heartthrob of middle-age ladies, Mr. Ajay Devgan has also commented on this incident during a promotional event.

He said, “What Rohit does is beautiful because he is passionate about it. While shooting for the Singham movies, Rohit and me did have our scientific differences over his gravity defying stunts but slowly I understood that he is right. The audiences don’t want science or reality, they want fiction. They want the sumo to be thrown a thousands of feet up in the air and stay there while hero does his thing. That’s what gives people the chills and the thrills. And that is Rohit’s field of expertise.”