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Sunny Leone admitted to hospital, says she puked for 2 hrs after watching Atul Anjan’s speech

03, Sep 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: Adult Entertainer and Bollywood actress Sunny Leone was admitted to a suburban hospital following severe dehydration after watching CPI leader Atul Anjan’s speech.

File photo of Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone, probably smiling at Atul Anjan’s stupid comment

Speaking to Faking News from the hospital, she said, “I read about some political leader called Atul Anjan who said that condom ads featuring me will lead to rapes. I also came to know that this leader puked when he saw porn for the first time. I was curious and offended at the same time at his comments and decided to watch his speech to find out more. The moment he appeared on the screen I had this feeling of nausea. I watched his speech for some more time and from that moment; I puked continuously for 2 hrs. My husband Daniel took me to the hospital. Doctors have given me some medications and have advised me not to watch anymore of his speeches for a week.”

Interestingly, Sunny has found support from one person in Bollywood at the moment. Mahesh Bhatt, who introduced her to the film industry and is also regarded as her mentor, spoke to our reporter and was critical of Atul Anjan.

“As a director is see porn as an art. Just like a painting. Mr. Anjan says that he puked when he saw porn. He probably saw triple X. My request to him is to start with single X. Maybe he should watch some Emraan Hashmi films as starter and then move on to main course,” said Mahesh Bhatt scratching his chest.

But it was not all criticism for Atul Anjan. There were those who supported him too.

“I completely support Atul Anjan. Why do we need a porn actress like Sunny Leone to sell condoms? When we were young, condom ads were so different. Have you watched Nirodh ads? There were no scantily dressed women but still masses got the message,” said 70 year old Jackson Tolaram.

Meanwhile, students across engineering colleges took to social media to vent their ire. They were unhappy with the fact that Mr. Anjan criticized porn and once again fuelled the debate of porn ban.

“We had a hard time when porn sites were blocked a few months back. It helps us get through our busy academic schedules. Why don’t these politicians understand before making such stupid comments,” said a student of IIT Bombay on condition of anonymity.

As a mark of protest, porn servers across engineering and MBA colleges in India were down for 2 hours and students held candle light march, with some colleges having even faculty members participating.