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Supreme Court judge to re-open hit and run case against Salman after watching his movie Tubelight

28, Jun 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Salman Khan’s problems do not seem to be ending soon. First Tubelight’s failure and now hit and run.


On Saturday, Honourable Supreme Court decided to re-open Salman’s hit & run case. This comes as a big surprise to Salman as he was acquitted of all charges earlier in the year. The PIL for re-opening of the case was filed by the judge of the original case, Mr C.L. Asthana himself.

Rumours are that Justice Asthana went to watch Salman’s new release Tubelight with his grandchildren. He was so furious after watching Salman’s performance in it that he decided to take down Salman right left and centre.

In a short telephonic interview to FN, Mr Asthana said “I watched that film and almost got a migraine attack after watching his acting. The way Salman was crying in the movie it reminded me of his courtroom proceedings so I realised that even in that courtroom he was acting & hence decided to re-open the proceedings against the him”.

Salman was unavailable for the comment as he was busy training his driver once again for the proceedings.

Mumbai Police has put all the footpaths adjacent to Salman’s Galaxy house on red alert as they know Salman loves to drive in night whenever he is upset and he may or may not be sober during such times.Even his fans have got a hectic schedule ahead, to first defend his film’s debacle on social media and then defend him for the hit and run case.

No matter whatever happens, we will be providing future updates on his case right here on Faking News.