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Sushant Singh drops 'Singh' from his name after hearing a song by Honey Singh

30, Jan 2017 By sagarcasm

Mumbai: Bollywood Actor and MS Dhoni’s doppelganger Sushant Singh has removed ‘Singh’ from his name on Twitter as a mark of protest against the songs of Honey Singh. The actor tweeted “We would suffer from bad music till the time we are obsessed with our middle-names.” The actor also wrote, “People listen to Honey Singh as if he is the successor of Jagjit Singh.”

Name is Sushant, just Sushant.

On being reached for a comment, Sushant explained why he dropped his middle name from his Twitter account. He said, “I did it to show that these terrible songs are not what everyone with that middle-name endorses. Honey does not represent the entire Singh community. There are ways to express your ideas, but bad music is never an answer.”

Popular musician and cap enthusiast Himesh Reshamiya speaking to Faking News on this issue said, “On one hand I am really sad that Sushant has dropped Singh from his name just because he didn’t like Honey Singh’s song. This is type of protest is absurd. But on the other hand, I am really happy that there are no other celebrities with the surname Reshammiya, who can do the same with me.”

Earlier Sushant dropped ‘Rajput’ from his name as a mark of protest against Rajput Karni Sena, who misbehaved with Sanjay Leela Bhansali and vandalized the sets of his movie ‘Padmavati.’ At this rate, Sushant is likely to join the faceless men of Braavos soon as he will be a man with no name.

Inspired by Sushant, PM Narendra Modi will drop Modi from his name because of the corruption charges on Lalit Modi, Rahul Dravid will drop Rahul from his name in protest against all the incompetent Rahuls and Donald Duck will drop Donald from its name to protest against Trump’s policies.