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Taher Shah and Kanti Shah to collaborate on a new movie, Angel vs Gunda

14, Apr 2016 By psych0bar0n

Mumbai: In a mind blowing development, Pakistani heartthrob Taher Shah and India’s greatest director Kanti Shah have announced that they are working on a project titled Angel vs Gunda. The movie promises to be bigger than Batman vs Superman and is widely expected to be the biggest hit of all time. 

The greatest film ever
The greatest film ever

The movie will be made in 4-D as the awesomeness of a combined Angel and Gunda film couldn’t be contained in 3 dimensions.

According to sources, the movie will see Taher Shah playing the role of the lead protagonist Angel who tries to save the earth from the evil forces of Gunda.

Mukesh Rishi will be seen once again reprising the epic role of Bulllaaa. The movie will also see legendary star Kamal R Khan doing a small cameo as Cupid. Character actor Fardeen Khan also has been roped in to play a critical role. All songs are being composed by Taher Shah. Playback singing great Altaf Raja will sing all the songs with Taher Shah himself singing female vocals. In a master coup, Najot Sidhu has been roped in to do the narration.

Our sources have confirmed the leaked reports that everyone in the movie will be dressed in a purple nightgown and Angel wings made of thermocol. The movie will be made in multiple languages and will have a global release in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Global leaders have gone into a huddle as news of the impending tragedy broke. The CIA has reportedly warned President Obama about the event and requested permission to disrupt the film by sending the lead actors to Guantanamo Bay.

Meanwhile, students of the FTII have come out in support of the movie and have invited Taher Shah to join FTII as the Dean and Kanti Shah to be the chairman.

India has already decided to send this movie as the official nomination for the Oscar awards.