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After Taimur fails to comment on the Tanushree-Nana molestation case, reporter writes 'Bollywood quiet on sexual harassment'

03, Oct 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Actress Tanushree Dutta hasn’t received any legal notice from Nana Patekar, she told news agency yet again on Tuesday. Tanushree has also accused Nana Patekar of sending goons to intimidate her after she walked out of a special song sequence because of his alleged inappropriate behavior. But reporters are angry with Bollywood not being vocal enough for sexual harassment cases.


Yesterday, a reporter named Shwetank Malik wrote a piece on how Bollywood has stayed quiet on all major issues. His evidence was the fact that Taimur has still not commented on the Tanushree-Nana saga yet. He had personally visited Taimur to ask about his views on the whole sexual harassment problem which has been a black mark on Bollywood for long. But Taimur was quiet for the whole interview, in fact, he didn’t pay any attention to the question and was busy playing with his toy.

Shwetank has a valid point. If star kids like Taimur don’t speak up now, they will also become an integral part of the dirty system that is Bollywood. There is no one to trust now. Shwetank even tried asking the same question to Tushaar Kapoor’s 2-year-old kid and Farah Khan’s three kids but no one came in support of Tanushree. Looks like Tanushree doesn’t have the support of the industry which she is very much a part of.

When will this hypocrisy end? There doesn’t seem to be a silver lining in the whole incident. Powerful men will keep burying such cases under the carpet and important personalities like Taimur will never speak up for the issue.